General Resources

Supporting Students at Home

If you have chosen to keep your child at home and provide a home-based learning program, here are some resources to support you which are all free to access and provide engaging learning opportunities for your child.

Structuring the day:

Maintaining a structure to provide balance to each day will support you and your child. Here is an example of how you might wish to include physical activity, hands on learning and some quiet online learning time.

Daily Schedule

The Department for Education has released a new website with many resources to support remote learning at home. If you require further learning materials in addition to those provided by your child's teacher you can access them here.


Online Free Resources:

An overwhelming amount of free online resources are available to you, which provide opportunities for children to engage with a mix of Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, Arts, History, Geography and much much more!

Here are some online resources which you may wish to look at:

Is an online learning platform which requires you to create a free account and then provides a wealth of resources for many subject areas, broken down into year levels.